Belong to the Group of Families Who were Assisted in Saving Thousands of Dollars Getting more Financial Aid to Cover the High Cost of College 

What we Do
We will meet all of your College Planning needs.

We know and understand how frustrating it is for Parents and students trying to understand the process of College Planning.  What you need to do from selecting the right College for your higher education to the Admissions process and Financial Aid.
New students may be feeling exited about meeting new people, living on Campus, what activities the school offers and what they have around campus.

On the other side, Parents are thinking about the College Academic standards, accreditation, safety security and the Financial Factor.
There are multiple questions before College Planning starts.
How many applications should I send and to how many Colleges?
Is my Parents income  too high to get Financial Aid?
What is FSA ID?
What is FAFSA?
Do I need my parent's information to fill out documents for College?

  College Preparation

Here we will help you on getting ready for that important decision in Planning for College.  So many steps, deadlines and agendas to follow.  Your agenda will start  by our team advising you on what is needed to plan before and during your last year in high school.  An overview on what is necessary to do with the admissions department at the selected Colleges.  At the same time,  analyzing,  evaluating and maximazing all the available sources for your financial aid.
Each student and family is a unique case in terms of Financial Aid, there are so many aspects and factors to determine about Financial aid.

We will help in advising you on what are the differences between federal loans and private loans as well as grants and scholarships.
You will get personal assistance and the process is strictly confidential.
We offer a twenty minutes free consultantion for new prospective College Students and Parents, we only need that you give us some basic information filling out the contact form and we will call you back
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